At our democratic school there is space …

…to learn in freedom

Genieten van muziekmaken

Our school concept is unique. Young people from 2 to 22 years old are welcomed in our school to grow and develop, in liberty and equality, together with fellow students, staff and teachers.

We do not work with a preconceived curriculum. As a result, students take up their responsibility and are in charge of their own doings. Together with staff members and teachers they also fulfill all roles in the school that are normally only taken up by adults. In unison we create the form and content of our education. Intrinsic motivation is key.

Lachen in het amphitheater

…om te ontdekken

Wat willen wij onze kinderen geven? De kans om vrijuit te ontdekken. Om te spelen. Om zich vanaf de eerste minuut waardevol te voelen. Om hun talenten te ontwikkelen. Om het leven te leren leven en in alle vrijheid te communiceren. Om vragen te stellen en antwoorden te vinden. Om vanuit nieuwsgierigheid te mogen leren. De kans om gelukkig te zijn. Niet leren voor later-als-ik-groot-ben, maar nu!

Past het reguliere onderwijs nog wel bij een wereld waarin wij ons leven zelf moeten vormgeven? Moeten wij onze kinderen voortdurend toetsen om hun ontwikkeling in cijfers uit te kunnen drukken? Krijgen onze kinderen genoeg ruimte om hun eigen weg te zoeken en te vinden?

Bouwen met Kapla

…om te bouwen

In de regio Amersfoort-Utrecht-Hilversum is De Ruimte de grootste én oudste democratische school met volledige steun en goedkeuring van de onderwijsinspectie.

…to explore

What do we want to give to our children? The opportunity to explore without boundaries. To play. To feel valued from the very first moment. To develop talents. To learn to live life and communicate freely. To ask questions and find answers. To learn out of curiosity. The opportunity to be happy. Not just to prepare for grown up life, but to educate yourself for what you need in your life right now.

Does regular education still suit a world where we have to shape our own lives? Do we have to keep on testing our kids to keep a check on their development in grades? Do our children get enough space to find their own way?

Bouwen met Kapla

…to build

In the region of Amersfoort – Hilversum – Utrecht, De Ruimte is the largest and oldest democratic school with the full support and assent of the authorities.

Lachen in het amphitheater

the space to face the unknown

In a world in transition, it is important for children to learn to take personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions, in order to find a way to be happy. Imagine this world twenty years from now; what will it have in store for them? They will be living in a completely different society than their parents today. Applying for a job? Chances are that they will be creating their own work. And what preparation can we give them for that?


to get to know yourself

We try to prepare them by giving them all the space they need to discover who they are and how they relate to the world around them. Because every child is curious by nature and eager to learn. Democratic school De Ruimte gives every student the opportunity to become a self-assured human being, ready to enjoy his/her self-chosen future when they go into the world.


to do what is of vital importance to you

At our school we believe that every child wants to learn. It is in their nature and needs neither pressure nor persuasion. Going to school is great if you are not forced to do things you do not (yet) value, but if you get the space to learn whatever is of great importance in your life at this very moment. Learning by playing, for instance, or social learning. Learning to ask the proper questions to get you somewhere, because every child is full of curiosity, wants to be part of something, wants to have fun and be successful.

Je eigen keuken runnen
Je eigen keuken runnen

to inspire…


At our school children learn out of intrinsic motivation. As soon as a child knows what it wants to learn, it dives into it head first. The learning process is speeding up and the transfer of knowledge is very effective. Students at De Ruimte decide what they want to learn when, and find themselves a qualified teacher to support them in the proces. They shape their lives by naturally participating in an inspiring domain of learning.

Welcome to democratic education!
Genieten van de herfst

And to have lots of fun of course!


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