Foundation De Ruimte Soest

Stichting De Ruimte Soest was established in 2002, in order for democratic school De Ruimte (then called Iederwijs Soest) to start. The circle structure and the consent principle were laid out in the statutes of the foundation. Democratic school De Ruimte still works according to the sociocratic circle model, including the administration.

Remuneration policy and financial resources

The foundation works with an unpaid board, volunteers and self-employed staff. There are no people in (permanent) employment. Financial resources are managed by the financial circle under the supervision of the board. Each year, a estimation of the budget is made for the coming school year and the financial resources are allocated under the supervision and approval of the board. With the resources available for fees, self-employed staff and teachers are recruited to do the work for the foundation  that school year.

The board

The board consists of parents, former students and school circle members (staff members and students) and meets every month. The board members are:

Stephan Okhuijsen (chair)
Joep Prommenschenkel (treasurer)
Ticia Luengo (secretary)
Jan Paul Venema (board member)
Olivier van Asperen (board member from the school circle)
Franc Duking (board member from the school circle)
Maarten Vonken (board member from the school circle)
Anne-Mihr Oostenbrink (board member from the school circle)


Stichting De Ruimte Soest has ANBI status. An ANBI is a public benefit organization, which means that:

  • De Ruimte is committed to the common good;
  • The foundation does not have the aim to make a profit;
  • All parties involved meet the integrity requirements;
  • Directors do not have the assets of the foundation and no more assets are held than is reasonably necessary for the work of the foundation;
  • Remuneration for directors is limited to an expense allowance;
  • There is an up-to-date policy plan; see school plan;
  • The costs and expenditure are in reasonable proportion;
  • The money that remains after dissolution will be spent on an ANBI with a similar purpose;
  • The foundation meets the administrative obligations; see annual financial report;
  • The objectives of the foundation are part of the articles of association (see articles of association);
  • An overview of the activities carried out is part of the annual financial report.

Information Foundation De Ruimte Soest

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