Fees for our education

De Ruimte is a private school, recognized by law. From the start De Ruimte has chosen for an independent position not financed by the government, and depends on other resources. This means, among other things, that parents have to pay monthly fees.

Choosing flexibility and freedom

The law allows us as a private school to shape our learning paths together with the students as we see fit. There is no curriculum imposed by the government. We are free to test or not to test. We are also free to decide how to structure days, weeks, a year, holidays and attendance. We can determine our own growth and the formation of the student body. The inspection checks the quality using an adapted supervisory framework.

Fees and after school care

Besides the salaries for staff and teachers, the school also has to pay rent, buy teaching materials and have some reserves to take students to interesting places and events outside the school grounds. This is why De Ruimte has to ask a monthly fee from the parents.

De Ruimte offers after school care for students up to 13 years of age. The parents can apply for the allowance for after school care from the government (Belastingsdienst; kinderopvangtoeslag: request needs to be made within 3 months).

Fees for students older than 13 are 342 euro/month (4107 euro/year).

Fees for student up to 13 years are 491 euro/month (5893 euro/year, consisting of after school care 3600 euro/year and parental contribution 2293 euro/year. After school care is an average of 40 hours/month and costs 7,50 euro/hour). For the third child from the same family one pays half the parental contribution and for the fourth child or more, a quarter.

Additional costs

For students using state exams to get their diploma: these costs are borne by the parents. More information can be found on the website of DUO.

At school books for studying are available. These books can only be used within the premisses of the school. If you want to study at home, you will have to buy your own books.

It can happen that for specific excursions or activities an extra contribution is required.

Child care allowance

Within 3 months after the student is registered at De Ruimte you as a parent can ask for ‘kindertoeslag’. For more information go to www.toeslagen.nl.

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